iconless launcher।5.1.png5.2.png5.3.apk। size 12.4kB। sha256sum 2f0eb...d4437।5.4.tgz। size 72kB includes gradle wrapper। sha256sum b363e...4cbdf। based on the FAST app commit b8d7742 gplv3।https://github.com/ligi/FAST। caveats। only tested on a single device on android 8 and 8.1। devices with hardware navigation bar or menu keys might have issues with display spacing। to refresh the list of apps hit rescan apps।中文版।5.5.png5.6.apk। size 23.18kB debug। sha256sum be82e...9ef7a।5.7.tgz। size 94.46kB। sha256sum 42b58...026bf॥