नवसहस्रवर्षपूर्वभारतेरज्जुमुद्रितकुम्भपात्र।10.1.html।नवसहस्रवर्षपूर्वमेहरगढे़लहुरदेवेचाभ्रगुटिका।10.2.html10.3.html।steatite beads at peqi'in israel 4500 BC to 3900 BC।10.4.html।steatite beads at tell fadous kfarabida lebanon 2800 BC to 2200 BC।10.5.html।steatite beads at çamlibel tarlasi anatolia 3500 BC।10.6.html।steatite beads at soyuq bulaq azerbaijan kurgan 1 3800 BC।10.7.html।steatite beads at parkhai 2 sumbar valley turkmenistan sp14 3500 BC page 57।10.8.html।एकादशसहस्रवर्षपूर्वमध्यप्रदेशेबाघोरग्रामेशक्तिमन्दिर्।10.9.html।bhirrana period 1a dated 7500 BC to 6000 BC crucible fragments with molten copper।copper arrowhead bhirrana period 1b dated 6000 BC to 4500 BC image on page 24 plate 31।10.10.html।lost wax casting technique from mehrgarh period 3 dated 4500 BC to 3600 BC।10.11.html।copper arrowhead at lahuradewa period 1b 3000 BC to 2000 BC image on page 41।10.12.html।iron arrowhead dadupur period 1 lucknow 1700 BC image on page 7।10.13.html10.14.html।copper sword at sinauli baghpat 2300 BC to 1950 BC।10.15.html।agriculture at horton plains in lanka 15500 BC।10.16.html।anatolian farming coincident with introgression of indo iranians 8000 BC।10.17.html।vitis vinifera at jhusi dated 7100 BC to 5600 BC image on page 567 fig 3o।10.18.html।cotton at mehrgarh 6th millenium BC।10.19.html।7500 BC surya siddhanta astronomical data।10.20.html10.21.html।2900 BC shathapatha brahmana krittika due east।10.22.html।4500 BC mahabharata arundhati vasishtha observation।10.23.html।dating sanskrit texts।10.24.html।bactrian camels domesticated in iran 10kya।10.25.html।rig veda books 6 3 7 4 2 prior to domestication of bactrian camel and invention of spokes।10.26.html